Dimensions artist profiles: Sheree Bradford-Lea

dimensions 2013 profile photo 'Spring Forward, Fall Back' - sheree bradford-leaName:  Sheree Bradford-Lea

Medium:  mixed media

Background:  M.A. in Psychology; formal background in theatre. The rest is self-taught.

How long have you been a sculptor?  I’ve always sculpted, mainly in clay, fiber and paper, but began formally exhibiting and selling my mixed media sculptures in 2009.

Why did you start sculpting?  I didn’t make a conscious decision to start, it was always in me, one more way to express a creative idea.

dimensions 2013 profile photo 'What Would You Do For That Million Dollar Smile' sculpture - sheree bradford-lea ( dimensions 2013 profile photo 'Garden Charmer' - sheree bradford-lea (

What inspires you?  Anything that strikes me as ridiculous, pompous or just plain odd. These things start my mind working creatively.

What is your favourite sculpture?  I like elements of too many sculptures to point to just one!

Which sculptures will you be exhibiting at Dimensions 2013?  ‘Bad Day At The Office’ and ‘Vote When You Can’

What will you be working on in the coming year?  More pieces about time, fashion and protest.

dimensions 2013 profile photo - process shot - sheree bradford-lea (2)

About ShebaMakeda

I make one of a kind, flameworked glass beads, jewellery and sculptures. My handmade designs are heavily influenced by the art and artifacts of ancient cultures, as well as contemporary abstract art. Each of my creations is created by me in the flame of my torch before being sent off to their new owners. If you'd like to know when i post beads for sale then send me an email to join my mailing list at: evelyn@shebamakeda.com. Be sure to add my email to your address book so my messages don't end up in your spam folder.
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