Dimensions artist profiles: Dominique Dennery

178Name:  Dominique Dennery  

Medium:  I sculpt in clay and cast in cement, hydrostone or bronze.

Background:  I have studied under different master sculptors since 2007. I attended sculpting or casting programs at the Ottawa School of Art and the Sapumal Foundation (during my 2010-11 sabbatical), at different intervals between 1992 and 2012.

I am currently apprenticing with Rosemary Breault-Landry.

How long have you been a sculptor?  I have sculpted since 1992.

Medusa-DDennery_fd1096wWhy did you start sculpting?  It is only when I started playing with plasticine with my young child in the early nineties that I discovered I had a predilection for sculpting. It has since become a passion.

What inspires you?  Legends and folklore from all over the world, but particularly Haïti, my country of birth. Strong women characters and archetypes are a source of inspiration for my art and my life.

What is your favourite sculpture?  My most recent creation usually becomes my favorite… until the next one. Until quite recently, I made only waste molds, so many of my sculptures have no copies.

I regret parting with one sculpture, her name is Priestess, currently in a private collection in Sri Lanka. This haunting figure represents all my ancestors in one character.

Sculpture-DDennery_fd1210wWhich sculptures will you be exhibiting at Dimensions 2013?  Three sculptures will be featured. My titles are usually in French, so bear with me: 1. Monstre ou Déesse (Medusa), 2. Imaginaire (Lion King) and 3. Erzulie-Sirène (Mermaid).

What will you be working on in the coming year?  Sculpting is a long, involved process, particularly when you create in clay, then do a cast, then pour into another medium before painting or applying patina. A labour of love! I have produced a maximum of 3 or 4 a year since I’ve been back from my sabbatical.

The next one will be a strong male dancer, all sinews and muscles, representing Icarus. I am also finishing a small angel, like the ones you find sculpted on the houses of the former slave traders in the large cities along the west coast of France. It will be called: In Memoriam. And, if time permits, cement masks for a Garden Show next spring.

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About ShebaMakeda

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