NCNS Family of Sculptors – Three Grices – One Night Show

Unique family of sculptors, France, Eric and Nathalie Grice, mother, daughter and son, will have their joined exhibition in

3GricesOct 15Saint Brigid’s Centre for the Art,

on October 15 from 5 pm to 10 pm.

The exhibition will display a impressive cross-section of sculptures and  mediums from those three talented artists.


France Grice (the mother),  a member of the NCNS since 2007,  started exploring glass work  in the late 90’s and a passion was born. Since 2008 she works full time as a glass artist. France’s figurative exploration is inspired by emotions and moods captured in the gestures of the human body. Lately, she had been expired by trees, trying to find the essence of trees.

Eric Grice (the son) has worn many hats since his days at Canterbury High School, a painter, an animator, a prop and special effect artist.  Lately he has gone back to sculpture, carving Victorian bricks into intricate carving.

Nathalie Grice (the daughter) has embarked into the creation of a phantasmagoric forest scene and is showing some elements of it for our enjoyment. Nathalie teaches at the Ottawa School of Art.

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