NCNS Sculptor Evelyn Duberry at Fritzi Gallery with “Birds of a Feather”

Evelyn Duberry, NCNS Sculptor is presented with three pieces in group exhibition “Birds of a Feather” at Fritzi Gallery. Evelyn Duberry is Ottawa based, flameworked glass artist specializing in handmade beads and hotsculptured formes, which explore themes of woman and how they experience the world.

Exibition Poster” My art took a more serious turn following the ongoing protests in Ferguson so I created three masks exploring questions around media/personal bias, stereotypes, defense and attack”,  Evelyn explains her newest inspiration.



The exhibition runs at the Lorraine Yale ‘Fritzi’ Gallery at 1233 Wellington West, 2nd floor, from January 20, 2015 to March 8, 2015.

10923615_995395957141997_1959415202854612509_n 10926421_10202909737098196_5947420439868000975_n

“Birds of a feather” is a common phrase for when those of similar characteristics, struggles, styles or taste congregate in groups. This exhibition has brought together a number of our local artist to celebrate our cultural and social commonalities.

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