Angela Verlaeckt Clarks’s Sculptures on 2015 National Open Juried SCA Online Exhibition

Three works of the sculptor and the poet Angela Verlaeckt Clarks  have been selected by the Society of Canadian Artists (SCA) for 2015 National Open Juried Annual On-Line Exhibition from April 1, 1015  to July 15, 2015.

Stone Sculpture entitled "A Vanishing Place" by Angela Verlaeckt-Clark  angela_night  "Two, Zero, One, Four" - Stone sculpture by Angela Verlaeckt Clark - front view

  • Two-Zero, One Four is in a private collection in Quebec.
  • Night-Wanderer can be seen at Artworld Fine Art Gallery, Toronto
  • The Vanishing Place can be seen Gordon Harrison Gallery, Ottawa.
The Society of Canadian Artists (SCA) is a national, non-profit artists’ organization dedicated to expanding the visibility and stature of the visual arts. SCA has representation in all of the visual arts media.
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