Dimensions 2015’s Silent Auction To Raise Funds For the Boys and Girls Club

Maria Saracino is offering “Fish Pond” for the silent auction for the benefit of the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa at the Dimensions 2015 vernissage on September 10th 2015.  The two-piece set is low relief polymer clay on ceramic tile.  The retail value is $150 for both. The tile size is 4.5” x 13”.

Fish Pond by Maria Saracino

Lydia Tambay is offering a wall piece ”DE PROFONDIS”. It represents a funeral urn for the no longer used 1 CENT.  The retail value is $95. Used media: wood, metal, hydrostone, paint,  cents. The size is 18″x 11″x 3″.

DE PROFONDIS by Lidia Tambay

Alenka Paquet will offer two ceramic “Birch Tree Vases”  for the silent auction.  The retail value is $70 each.

Birch Tree Vase by Alenka Paquet

Edna Lemyre is offering a piece “Pigeon No 5“,  a life size pigeon for the auction. Mixed media, and the retail value is $ 150.

Pidgeon No 5 by Edna Lemyre

Rocky Bivens ‘s offering for the silent auction is “The Soft Machine“.  The piece is 7″ x 5″ x 7” , glazed stoneware clay. A  retail value of $125.

he Soft Machine by Rocky Bivens

France Grice is offering “Young Girl” for the silent auction for the benefit of the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa (BGCO).  The used media is the kiln cast glass.  The retail value is $80. The size is 4″H x 3W.

France Grise_young girl

Kathy Bergquist’s auction piece is “Origin“. The size is 21 cm(w) x 10 cm(h) x 4 cm(d).



Patrick Imai is offering piece “Gazing“. The used media: alabaster. The size is: 3″ x 2″ x 3.5”. A retail value: $90.


An artist Eiko Emori, is offering a set of four glass bowls. The retail price is $152 for all four. The photograph shows only one bowl.










Ljiljana Stojanovic is offering piece “OPANAK II” (opanak [o-pa-nak] = traditional Balkan leather shoe) made of dark clay with black oxide pigment and black glaze inside. The size is 6.5″  (L) x 3″  (H) x 2″(W).  A retail value: $80.

L Stojanovic_Opanak II


Sandra Marshall is offering “Jazz Notes” for the silent auction. The material: raku ceramic and polymer clay. The size is 4” x 3” x 2”. The retail value: $95.

Sandra Marshall


Hengameh Kamal-Rad is offering piece “Diana” made of clay  The size is 11.  A retail value: $110.


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