DIMENSIONS 2015 – Meet the Artists: Sheree Bradford-Lea

In this year’s line-up of artists who will be exhibiting at DIMENSIONS 2015 . . .

Sheree Bradford-Lea – Mixed Media Artistlp-1

How long have you been creating?  I’ve been creating all my life, it’s just the way my mind works. I’ve   been a professional cartoonist and humourist since 1994. I’ve been showing my mixed media work professionally in galleries, museums   and other varied locations since 2008.

What inspires you to do what you do?  Bringing delight to other people inspires me. I’ve been blessed by the ability to bring thought and laughter to those around me through my art. I create professionally so that I can continue to create more, and reach others from all walks of life.

Artist Statement

I believe in the power of happy art that’s message-based, and brings ‘cures for a crabby day’. This kind of art disarms a person while it exercises the mind and senses in an enjoyable way. From the beginning I made it a point that I didn’t want to create anything children couldn’t also enjoy, which included cartoons. That philosophy came in handy particularly when I became a mother. And it fits with what I still believe, that happy art can be every bit as thought-provoking as unhappy art, and a lot more fun to interact with.

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