DIMENSIONS 2015 – Meet the Artists: Patrick Imai

More than 20 artists will be participating in DIMENSIONS 2015 in a variety of mediums from wood to bronze. Today we are featuring stone carver . . .

Patrick Imai        lp-1

How long have you been creating?  I have been carving for as long as I can remember. Initially I worked in wood, carving small figures and animals. In the late 90’s, I was inspired by Inuit carvings to try soapstone and I have been carving stone ever since.

What inspires you to do what you do?   Reflecting on my life, I explore my thoughts, memories and emotions searching for the items or actions that trigger them. Then using bears, I present the items or portray the actions to evoke similar memories or emotions in others. Through my artwork, I want people to see themselves.

Artist Statement                                                                                                                   Stone carving is a tactile experience. The final form and finish must be pleasing not only to the eyes but also to the touch. To truly experience my work you have to touch it; and by touching you can achieve a connection with the sculpture, the stone and me.

Don’t forget to enter our contest to win one of Patrick Imai’s stone bears!

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