DIMENSIONS 2015 – Meet the Artists: Barbara Nathan Marcus

Meet Barbara Nathan Marcus – Stone and Two Dimensional Sculptor.lp-1

My background as a sociologist, an existentialist and a social activist have influenced my artwork, as have Georgia O’Keefe, John Sadler, Viktor Frankl, Edyi Lamponsata and my parents, Annie Appleman and Harry Nathan whom by example, inspired me with a positive philosophical ideology. For nearly three decades making art, my main thrust has been to celebrate the potential of people.

On every level, I see possibilities: the amalgamation of good and not so good can create an alchemy of what could be. One of the ways I express these possibilities is in sculpture. I must. It is in my soul.

Artist Statement

In my artwork, I celebrate people in the natural world, in an expressive and abstract way, sculpting stone, and acrylic and mixed media. I support a green world, recycling, reusing and repurposing. Working previously used frames and canvas, I work over: both greening and simultaneously supporting my philosophies. Another ideology is to work toward turning dis/ability into ability. As a woman with a myriad of chronic diseases including cancer, diabetes, low hearing and vision, I deal with this in the most positive perspective that I can muster. Therefore, showing the world that we can do almost anything that we take on. Yet another alchemy. It is here then, that my life and my art are intertwined, always creating new and positive ways of making art, creating and being.

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