DIMENSIONS 2015 – Meet the Artists: Art Petch

We’ve got a great line-up of artists participating in DIMENSIONS 2015, including a new member of the National Capital Network of Sculptors, Clay Artist – Art Petch.lp-1

How long have you been creating?  Since finishing my career as a professional geographer in 1998 I have focused my creative energies on the creation of ceramic objects. I began as a potter, learning from other potters. After ten years of working in my own studio I now see myself simply as a self-taught artist.

What inspires you to do what you do?  I am inspired by the process of working in my studio: following my interests, being curious about ceramic materials, production methods and new technologies, and reflecting my thoughts, feelings and personal history in objects that I make.

Artist Statement                                                                                                                           I constantly reach inside myself to give form to what I find there while allowing the properties of plastic clay to respond to the energy I apply with my hands and the tools I use. I respond to the emerging forms by altering them in a way that feels and appears right to me. Though I am happy and energized when others appreciate and find pleasure viewing and touching my ceramic art, it remains my primary goal to find and express my own voice. This makes me feel more content with my life and my creative work.

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Figurative Artist
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