You are not going to want to miss seeing the incredible large clay relief sculptures by Denisa Prochazka at DIMENSIONS 2015. Denisa works in clay, hydrostone, aqua resin, aluminum and bronze.

lp-1How long have you been creating?  I am very lucky to be born into a family of artists. I started creating art in my mother’s clay studio in the Czech Republic when I was a little girl. I continued my art education at Canterbury High School in Ottawa and continued my studies at York University, O.C.A.D. University in Toronto and Florence Italy, specializing in figurative sculpture.

What inspires you to do what you do?  I felt a deep connection to classical sculpture which has influenced and shaped the direction of my creative path today. I am greatly inspired by native spirituality, healing art that touches upon our soul, and Contemporary as well as Ancient Art.

Artist Statement                                                                                                                           I specialize in the creation of large clay relief sculptures combining classical and contemporary materials and techniques. Large and imposing while poetic and feminine, my art is intended to be spiritually healing and powerful in its symbolic intension. Using clay as the canvas on which I communicate, I try to offer imagery that is vibrant with mystical and historical elements, putting forward an iconography that is timeless and strongly feminine. Through my work, I offers a very personal look into the necessity to contrast past with present, personal with universal, reality with dream state.

About mariasaracino

Figurative Artist
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