DIMENSIONS 2015 – Meet the Artists – Lydia Tambay

Dimensions 2015 is only a week away. Join us for the vernissage on Thursday, September 10th, St. Brigid’s Center for the Arts, 310 St. Patrick Street. Enjoy the work of over 25 artists including Multi Media Artist Lydia Tambay.

How long have you been creating?  Since my early teens I have been involved in fine art: teaching, commissions, pen and ink sketches of urban landmarks for tourists. I also carry out art restorations in stone, bone, ivory, wood, canvas and ceramics.

What inspires you to do what you do?  My creativity is triggered by moods around lp-1me like music or weather caprices, by human gestures, shapes and sounds, and by their relation to the human soul as well as their physics.

Artist Statement                                                                                                                       My priorities are overcoming challenges in creating balance and harmony in my works either paint or sculpture. I do a lot of sketches before beginning my work in order to be able to convey the message to the viewer, to surprise and keep his interest . . . First to keep myself satisfied by the result. I studied in fine art, commercial art, clay modeling, print making.

About mariasaracino

Figurative Artist
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