DIMENSIONS 2015 – Meet the Artists – Sid Treml

Thursday, September 10th is opening night for the 14th Annual DIMENSIONS Sculptural Exhibit.  Drop in for some refreshments and enjoy the work of 25 local sculptors including Bronze and Ceramic Artist – Sid Treml.

How long have you been creating?  I work primarily with sculpting wax as the basis for bronze sculptures produced through the lost-wax casting process. Over the years I have worked extensively with other art media and techniques, including limited-edition print-making in recent years. My entry into the sculpting world began just over five years ago through the adaptation of select print designs into medallic-style relief sculpting. I have recently further adapted my design ideas in creating figurative works that incorporate modernist and contemporary style elements.

lp-1Sources of inspiration: Observation. Modernist sculptures of the early 20th century. Awareness of designs that catch my eye. Everyday-life and contemporary issues that serve as themes for series of sculptures. I record my ideas in a sketchbook or with an iPad sketching app, as a first step towards creating preliminary sketches leading to finished sculptures.

Random thoughts on my approach to art: Many of my sculptures to date are intended as studies or maquettes for future projects. My recent larger-scale sculptures are the result of geometric and design refinement of earlier works. I strive to incorporate elements of harmony, balanced disharmony and simplified geometric design to create visual impact, I have a continually evolving personal style.

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