The long history of NCNS … The memories from late 90s …

An extract from the letter from the long-time member of the National Capital Network of Sculptors,  Angela Verlaeckt Clark:

…. I came across this photos a few days ago…
I joined the NCNS in 1996 and for many years, we met at Fisher Park High School on Parkdale Ave… table, very relaxed, our chairs in a circle.  We had some pretty good shows and thought the members would get a kick out of this trip down memory lane.
This was one of our invitations from 1999, must have been one of the last exhibits in the old Ottawa City Hall with the NCNS, I am guessing.
Thought it would be nice reminder for the new people, or visitors to the website, that we have been around for a long time….”

Dimensions 98_1




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  1. I miss Meg, Svetlana and Jean…they were a big part of the early days, as was Lev and Bruno. Great sculptors but also enormously encouraging artists…!!!!

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