The Thunderbird Project at Wabano Centre led by NCNS Artist

Last night, the first group of 25 artists and enthusiasts had a chance to be part of the project called “Thunderbird” initiated by Maria Saracino,  an award winning figurative artist.

The project “Thunderbird” is a permanent installation at the Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health in Ottawa that will be created as a collaboration effort between the Wabano center, Maria Saracino and the general public who are creating over 100 feathers relief during the four workshops led by Maria. Those 100 feathers will be part of this wall  3′ x 8′ relief sculpture in polymer clay and wood. The installation will be officially introduced at the “Igniting the Spirit” Gala, which takes place on June 21st.  Great work Maria!

thundetbird project

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