NCNS Artist Eiko Emori presents “Océanique”, at La Fab in Chelsea

A two-person exhibition,  with Eiko Emori’s glass sculptures in the theme of “Océanique“, at La Fab, 1-212, chemin Old Chelsea, in Chelsea, Quebec. The exhibition runs from 28 April until 22 May 2016.

Vernissage on Saturday, 30 April from 1 to 5 pm

Eiko 2

About Eiko Emori  ….
I grew up in a big garden by the sea. In the 13th century, there was an outstanding poet who was, at the same time, the ruler of Japan. I love reading and re-reading his powerful poems of the sea. This rhythmic, dancing, joyous movement of waves resonates not only in me but is translated into the glass pieces I create.
Out of many methods of glass-making, I employ a technique called pâte de verre. It is an ancient process: the original, four-thousand-year-old glass-making method. I commune with those ancient craftsmen who toiled away at their craft, gathering sand and chemicals in the desert, sculpting vessels with wax, building plaster moulds, losing wax, charging glass powder, heating the charged moulds with wood fire, removing the plaster carefully after they cool down and then grinding and polishing the resultant glass pieces. Even with the help of electricity, computerized thermostat and purchasing of glass powder, the process has changed little.
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