The Saga Continues …Plinth Building Day 2 and 3

Update from Plinth Building Day 2:
Eiko, Sandra and Hengameh joined the fun today.  We now have 40 new plinths.  We will continue building tomorrow morning at 09:30 am and plan to start painting once the dust settles from the saw and sander.
Update from Plinth Building Day 3:
Pat, France, Jim, Sandra, and Eiko started the day making, patching, sanding plinths.  Lunch at Pizza Hut in the air conditioning was a welcome break.  Hengameh brought the frozen drinks to start the afternoon and Komi arrived and did some sanding.
50 plinths are built.  Still some more sanding and painting before we are done.  Starting again tomorrow at 9:30.  Depending on the heat we may finish earlier than 3 pm.  We hope to have all the plinths with a primer coat of paint before we wrap up tomorrow”.
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