Presentations and Demonstrations

DIMENSIONS is not just an art exhibit – it’s a place to meet artists, learn about their medium and techniques, watch a demonstration and even enjoy a hands on experience. Best of all – it’s FREE!!

Drop by the Horticulture Building at Lansdowne Park on Friday, October 21st and sit in on one of these three fabulous presentations:

imai_lifes-a-beach1:00pm                                                                    Meet Patrick Imai from Carved Stone Bears.      Patrick will be demonstrating his skills and techniques for shaping soft stone (soapstone, serpentine, alabaster).  He will show how he uses hand tools, sandpaper and wet polishing paper to produce shiny sculpted bears. This will be an interactive demonstration where you will have an opportunity to experience stone carving and take home your own little stone sculpture.

spirit-bowl-monarch-print2:00 pm                                                                           Meet Line Labrecque, polymer clay and mixed media artist.                                                                  Polymer Clay is a relatively new medium, and is no longer exclusively a child’s toy. There are literally hundreds of ways to use polymer clay in your creations. Line Labrecque will demonstrate a few techniques using polymer clay showing its versatility . Come witness how polymer clay borrows techniques like mokume gane and millefiori caning to create the most amazing surface treatments.

screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-3-08-38-pm3:00 pm                                                                                                   Garry Bowes, Turned Wood.  Garry’s turned wood sculpture has been collected throughout the world and many of his pieces have been gifted by the Canadian Government to Heads-of-States including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, American President George W. Bush and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany. Garry will be narrating a slide show presentation on wood turning techniques, talking about tools, woods and the history of his journey with WoodSong Studio.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Saturday’s list of artist presentations. See you at DIMENSIONS 2016!

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