More to look forward to at DIMENSIONS

DIMENSIONS 2016 is without a doubt one of the city’s biggest and boldest art events. What makes this event even more unique is that it is strictly about sculpture. With over 120 sculptures in a wide variety of mediums and in sizes that range all the way up to 30′ in length, DIMENSIONS promises to be a delight to all your artistic senses. From whimsical and silly to deep and introspective, each piece represents a statement, a movement, an observation and ultimately a part of each artist’s psyche. Opening night is a perfect opportunity to meet the artists and learn about their process and their vision.

But it doesn’t stop there. Each day we will have a series of presentations and demonstrations – some are even hands-on experiences for the audience. In our previous post we talked about the events scheduled for Friday. Here’s what to expect on Saturday, October 22nd, drop in for three very special one hour events. It’s FREE ADMISSION!

the-red-bench-360x3601:00 pm – Glass is amazing! Meet Glass Artist France Grice. “I still think about whether it is the process or the result that keeps me captivated. The fusing process I use to make my trees is meticulous and involves cutting, crushing, and assembling fragile pieces of glass. The firing of these assembled pieces is relatively simple, but I love the results and the many possibilities it brings. My other main body of work is created by casting glass. These pieces begin as wax sculptures, often inspired by gestures or emotions, which are then surrounded by a refractory mold material which can withstand high temperatures. Once the mold has hardened, I steam away the wax, and then eventually fill the empty space with molten glass. Cast glass is a long and difficult process which yields amazing but also sometimes heartbreaking results.” France will be showing examples of her process and welcoming questions and inquiries about learning more.

_dkt10582:00 pm – You don’t want to miss this one! Stephane J.D. Tremblay introduces the “Art of Letter Carving” in stone.  Dying art or making a come back?  Technology advances at a scary pace (sand blasting machine, laser etchers, CNC machines and the list goes on.  Time is in everyones mind and now it equals Money more than anything else.  Technology is to be embrace and fear at the same time. “In my opinion, One needs to slow down enough to enjoy life.”  Letter cutters share some and possess (base on my living and work experience as a sniper) a lot of skills and traits that one would find in a Military Sniper unit.  Precision, steadiness, patience,and…. are only a few examples.  Letter Carving in Stone is an Art on its own.  One needs a lifetime to Master it.  The cutting techniques are one aspect, Calligraphy 004another, and on and on….

3:00 pm  – Pottery and Ceramic Sculptor, Alenka Paquet gives the audience an opportunity to experience building some simple forms from white clay. You’ll learn about rolling a slab, impressing decorations and forming  the object. This presentation is a must for anyone interested in pottery or ceramic.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars. DIMENSIONS 2016, opens Thursday evening, October 20th. Show hours, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 21-23, noon to 5pm.  See you at Lansdowne Park in the Horticulture Building. FREE ADMISSION!



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