NCNS Artists at Shenkman Art Centre – April 2017

Traditionally every year during the month of April, NCNS sculptors presents their  small to medium size sculptures at the Display Case at the Shenkman Arts Center.

Shenkman Display Case – April 2017

This year following 14 NCNS sculptors have presented their work to the public:

Rosemary Breault-Landry  presented “The Reader”
Komi Seshie presented “Likeness”
Burtick Theo  presented “Pinnipeds Moribundus”
Beth McCubbin  presented “Me and Gliz and a Sky Blue Day”
Sheree Bradford-Lea  presented “When I am Old, I shall wear purple”
Maria Saracino  presented “The Tantrum”
Sandra Marshall presented “The Queen of Green” and “Star Gazing”
Ljiljana Stojanovic presented the three variations of “The Third Pig House”
Patrick Imai presented “On the Ball”  and  “Shaking out the Blues”
Dominique Dennery presented the mask “Mythical Lion”
France Grice  presented “The Lonely Pine – Fighting Erosion”
Jocelyne Désilets presented “Symbioses”
Blaise Ivoulou  presented “Chagrin”
Thomas Murphy  presented “The Wind in my Hair”

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