DIMENSIONS 2017 – The Stone Sculptors

Several sculptural mediums will be represented at DIMENSIONS 2017 and one of the most classic is stone. Carving stone is probably one of the oldest art forms. From very small ornamental stone sculptures to the large historical, religious or mystical pieces. There are no real limitations to which type of stones can be carved. Some of the more popular stones include Soapstone, which is soft and available in many different colours and textures. Alabaster is slightly harder but is still relatively easy to sculpt and comes in a beautiful variety of colours and internal grains. Limestone is a sedimentary stone, difficult to polish but artists can incorporate very intricate details. Marble is more difficult to manage but has a fantastic finished look and was favoured by many of the masters.

At DIMENSIONS 2017 we will be showcasing the work of almost a dozen stone sculptors, but their work is not limited to the stone mentioned above. Look for the beautiful iridescent qualities of Selenite and the subtle variations of Italian, Brazilian and Kenyan Marble. Each artist uses different techniques and they definitely approach the stone in different ways, either pulling an image or an emotion from the hard surface.

Here’s a little sneak peak at just a handful of some of the stone work that will be showcased at DIMENSIONS 2017. October 19-22 at Lansdowne Park, in the Horticulture Building.

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