Tour Maps

2018 NCNS Studio Tour Map

Drag the pointer on the map to select one of the numbers identifying an artist/studio and click on that point for more details. The wheel of your mouse will allow you to enlarge / shrink.
Studio 1: Gallerie Côté Créations SANDRA MARSHALL(*) Studio 2: Alpine Clayworks ARTHUR PETCH (*) Studio 3: Hello Studios MARIA SARACINO (*); LINE LABRECQUE Studio 4: Hengameh Studio HENGAMEH KAMAL-RAD (*); KATHY BERGQUIST Studio 5: Smith & Barber Sculpture Atelier Inc. DANNY BARBER(*); JOHN-PHILIPPE SMITH (*); COLETTE BEARDALL; TERRY SCHAUB; PATRICK IMAI; JAMES W. COOK Studio 6: Worldview Studio JANET MACKAY (*); MITCHELL WEBSTER (*); TAUNYEE ROBBINS; TICK TOCK TOM; Studio 7: RoseDen Studio ROSEMARY BREAULT-LANDRY (*); DOMINIQUE DENNERY (*)  Studio 8: La Fab Studio: UWE FOEHRING (*); Studio 9: Chelsea Sculpture Studio: THEO BURTICK (*)
      * studio owner
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