2018 Sculpture Studio Tour

One more stop in the wonderfully scenic setting of Chelsea, Quebec. Citizen Artist and Sculptor, Theo Burtick invites you to visit the Chelsea Sculpture Studio. Don’t forget to enter our draw to win an original sculpture by Sandra Marshall. The more stops you visit, the more chances you get.


Chelsea Sculpture Studio

Version 3Artist:  Theo Burtick

Theo is a visual artist working in traditional mediums of stone and metal to create work that physically engages the viewer and provokes thought.





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1 Response to 2018 Sculpture Studio Tour

  1. smarshall8 says:

    Hi Maria: I have been receiving these notices which is good. Perhaps you could add the dates of the gallery tour with each artist profile and the location of the tour maps.

    I hope that all is well. I am now back in town and trying to catch up with work and news.


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