Happy Thanksgiving

We are so thankful to the clients, sponsors and family who have supported each of the artists who make up the National Capital Network of Sculptors. We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope to see you all at our show DIMENSIONS 2018.


Just like Thanksgiving feels like a big warm family hug, art can also evoke similar feelings. Enjoy NCNS member, Sheree Bradford-Lea’s article . . . 

Art:  Buying It Is True Self-Care

Sheree Bradford-Lea, Cartoonist & Multimedia Artist

Buying art is like giving ourselves a warm, happy hug. The energy from an art piece comes through to the buyer. This is energy that isn’t present in the day to day necessary mass-produced items we buy, for example that new coat or another pair of shoes. Why? Because those items are mass-produced. Mass-produced items are items that are stamped out to be the same, lifeless, without any energy of their own. That isn’t their job. Their job is to perform a certain function, not give a warm, happy hug. And because of that, buyers of only mass-produced items tend to find their purchases don’t give them any kind of lasting pleasure.

Art works differently. Art has wonderful energy to give  from the moment it is created by the artist. Each art piece is unique to the artist who created it, and that’s exciting. The artist creates each individual art piece from nothing. Once the artist has an idea, they build an art piece step by step, and, beyond the love of it, use their specialized training, skills, thoughts and emotions to transform it into a unique art piece that can virtually hug the people who need that particular energy, not once but again and again and again. When we buy art we are able to simply receive that warm, beautiful energy. We don’t have to give anything in return, it is completely there for us. And because of that, buyers who make space in their lives for buying art tend to find these purchases do give them a world of lasting pleasure.



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