What a roller-coaster ride we’ve been on this past year and a half. The pandemic has certainly changed the way a lot of businesses operate. Many, including some art galleries have switched to online or semi-online business models with varying degrees of success. But, for sculpture, a photo doesn’t always do justice to the three dimensional aspect of this art form. Sculpture is something you have to experience by moving around it . . . by looking at it at different times of the day under different lighting . . . even by touch.

As sculptural artists, the members of the National Capital Network of Sculptors have missed being able to show our work in person. Our inspiration and motivation is fuelled by our interaction with our audience. We miss you!

That’s why we are so happy to announce our feature exhibition, Sculpture EXPO is BACK! But this time as a Pop-Up Show in one of the empty retail spaces at Lansdowne Park. There were many factors that didn’t make going back to the Horticulture Building feasible this year – the biggest being the last minute availability of the space which didn’t give us enough time to put on a show of that size. We were facing another cancelled show – BUT – gratefully and thanks to the Trinity Group we were able to secure the retail space formerly occupied by South Street Burger. Located on the stadium side of Exhibition Way at Lansdowne, the space is sandwiched between Goodlife Fitness and the Cigar Shop, across from Joey’s Restaurant.

The great thing is that we will be there for 10 days. September 30 to October 10th!

Over 20 artists and over 60 sculpture works will be on display over the first weekend and new works will be added over the second weekend. We will be open to the public Thursday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm. The full schedule is shown below.

With all that said, we want to cordially invite you to visit our Sculpture EXPO Pop-Up Show. We can’t tell you enough how much we are looking forward to seeing you and showing you what we have been creating. See you in a couple of weeks!

900 Exhibition Way, #108

Stadium Side (Formerly South Street Burger)

Thursday, September 30th to Sunday, October 3rd – 10am to 6pm

Thursday, October 7th to Saturday, October 9 – 10am to 6pm

Sunday, October 10th – 10am to 5pm

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