What are you doing this summer?‏ – Shaukat Chaney

I am preparing for a solo show of my paintings on September 9, 10 & 11. The show is at the Enriched Bread Artist – EBA on Gladstone.

pivotalwfront pivotalchador

All welcome.
Shaukat Chaney

Shaukat Chaney was first introduced to oil painting in 1974 while enrolled at the University of Minnesota Graduate School of Dentistry. Painting was included in the program to create a better understanding of colours used in dentistry. Shaukat Chaney’s interest in sculpture began in 1975 while creating craniofacial prostheses for trauma and cancer patients at the College of Dentistry, University of Saskatchewan. Here the training in visualizing and understanding colour was found to be extremely useful.   Read more….

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What are you doing this summer?‏ – Patrick Imai

July 22 – 24 I will be in Perth to participate in the Canadian Stone Carving Festival. As a stone carver this is a great event.  We start with 7.5” x 7.5” x15” blocks of Indiana limestone on Friday at noon.  We carve the rest of Friday, all day Saturday and Sunday morning.  On Sunday afternoon all the art pieces are auctioned off, with the money raised going to Habitat for Humanity.

Guardian of the Garden.1

Attached is a photo of the bear I carved last year.

Born in Toronto, Patrick by the age of 10 was already an avid carver searching for the right subject and medium.  He carved wood until he tried soapstone carving in the late 90’s.  He was immediately hooked by the ease of working the soft stone and the beauty of the colour and finish of the polished stone.  He has since worked in other stone such as: alabaster, chlorite, selenite, limestone and marble.  The majority of Patrick’s carvings are bears.  Read More …

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What are you doing this summer?‏ – Géraldine Petit-Gras

I’m re-opening a Pop-up Gallery on 98 Richmond Road called Galerie Côté Créations. I’m the Curator/Manager.

Some of our talented artists are also members of the NCNS (Hanna MacNaughtan, Sandra Marshall and soon myself, Géraldine Petit-Gras). Open daily 11 to 6 pm, except Mondays.

Hope to see you this summer.


Born in France, Géraldine Petit-Gras grew up watching explorer and conservationist Jacques-Yves Cousteau. As he unraveled the mysteries of the sea, he also drew attention to the interconnection of species and the necessity to protect the fragile balance that regulates every natural ecosystems. She spent most of her summers gathering shells on the beaches of La Rochelle and Biarritz, and sailing along the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea and witnessed first-hand the deterioration of these natural habitats.  Read more…

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Winter in Summer at Gamman House, in Vanier

On June 11, at 9 p.m., Winter in Summer will be projected onto a wall of Maison Gamman. The projection consists of a collection of videos curated by Izabel Barsive. The artists Raymond Aubin, Nadine Bariteau, Paula Franzini, Charlotte L’Orage, Doris Lamontagne, NCNS member Komi Seshie and Laurent Vaillancourt participated in the creation of the videos.

The projection will take place on Saturday, June 11, at 9 p.m., at Maison Gamman, located at 306 Cyr Avenue, in Vanier.


The viewer will see the reflections, sometimes spiritual or philosophical, each artist had on the effect of winter in their everyday lives, as well as their emotions: discomfort facing another season, time of reflection, love becoming hate… The theme forced them to curl up and to, inevitably, immerse themselves the way the cold season does.

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NCNS Member Angela Verlaeckt Clark with The 2016 Orléans Art Studio Tour

A NCNS member, a stone sculptor, poet and kiln-fire glass artist living and working in Orléans, Ontario, Angela Verlaeckt Clark, will participate at The 2016 Orléans Art Studio Tour

The tour will be held June 11 and 12, 10 am – 4 pm, featuring 10 artists in 8 studios in Orléans and Blackburn Hamlet.

Angela OAST

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Public art celebration – Our Fence by Cairn Cunnane

Come to the Public Art celebration for “Our Fence” by artist, blacksmith, sculptor and NCNS member Cairn Cunnane on Saturday June 4 at 11 am at Bingham Park, 145 Cathcart Street.


The functional and playful artwork entitled Our Fence highlights the entrance of the park at Dalhousie Street and welcomes the community through an elegant gate. Inspired by the history of the area and its natural surroundings, this artwork was commissioned by the Public Art Program thanks to a City policy that allocates one percent from municipal construction towards public art.

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NCNS Artist Eiko Emori presents “Océanique”, at La Fab in Chelsea

A two-person exhibition,  with Eiko Emori’s glass sculptures in the theme of “Océanique“, at La Fab, 1-212, chemin Old Chelsea, in Chelsea, Quebec. The exhibition runs from 28 April until 22 May 2016.

Vernissage on Saturday, 30 April from 1 to 5 pm

Eiko 2

About Eiko Emori  ….
I grew up in a big garden by the sea. In the 13th century, there was an outstanding poet who was, at the same time, the ruler of Japan. I love reading and re-reading his powerful poems of the sea. This rhythmic, dancing, joyous movement of waves resonates not only in me but is translated into the glass pieces I create.
Out of many methods of glass-making, I employ a technique called pâte de verre. It is an ancient process: the original, four-thousand-year-old glass-making method. I commune with those ancient craftsmen who toiled away at their craft, gathering sand and chemicals in the desert, sculpting vessels with wax, building plaster moulds, losing wax, charging glass powder, heating the charged moulds with wood fire, removing the plaster carefully after they cool down and then grinding and polishing the resultant glass pieces. Even with the help of electricity, computerized thermostat and purchasing of glass powder, the process has changed little.
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NCNS Artists at Shenkman Arts Centre – April 2016

Traditionally, every spring during the month of April, the Display Case at main floor of the Shenkman Centre has been filled with the artworks of the dozen sculptors of the NCNS.Shenkman Vitrine

The exhibit ends on May 2nd.

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NCNS Artist Sandra Marshall Exhibits “Animals with Attitude” at the Shenkman Art Centre Gellery

NCNS Artist/Ceramic Sculpture, Sandra Marshall’s exhibition Animals with Attitude at the Dust Evans Gallery ,  Shenkman Art Centre, Orleans  runs from April 15 to June 15, 2016.


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The Thunderbird Project at Wabano Centre led by NCNS Artist

Last night, the first group of 25 artists and enthusiasts had a chance to be part of the project called “Thunderbird” initiated by Maria Saracino,  an award winning figurative artist.

The project “Thunderbird” is a permanent installation at the Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health in Ottawa that will be created as a collaboration effort between the Wabano center, Maria Saracino and the general public who are creating over 100 feathers relief during the four workshops led by Maria. Those 100 feathers will be part of this wall  3′ x 8′ relief sculpture in polymer clay and wood. The installation will be officially introduced at the “Igniting the Spirit” Gala, which takes place on June 21st.  Great work Maria!

thundetbird project

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