We have a new location and a new date for our 18th annual Sculpture Exhibit!

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Where Will You Be On Thursday Night?

The city has been buzzing with exciting art events recently, from show openings in galleries to the Mayor’s first annual Gala for the Arts last weekend. Ottawa is finding it’s place as a leader in the development of the arts. The momentum continues on Thursday evening, October 20th with the Opening Reception for DIMENSIONS, the 2016 Sculpture Exhibit put on by the National Capital Network of Sculptors.

pheonix_nesting_box_eric_grice_2012This is the largest collection of sculptural works ever in the city. Over 120 sculptures – over 40 artists. But there’s more! Presentations, demonstrations where you can try your hand at a sculptural techniques, guest speakers and live ephemeral pumpkins carving. For the budget-conscious looking for unique gift ideas – support an artist and buy local! Check out our Gift Boutique where original artworks are priced under $100.

Whether you come out for the Opening Reception or take advantage of the presentations and demonstrations going on all weekend – this event is the best bargain in town – Admission is FREE!

Visit us in the Horticulture Building at Lansdowne Park, October 20-23.

f211512689cfb217dd43ef3213add0c7bf6bf5a40c58a121814b1c8fd5dcf97fOPENING RECEPTION – Thursday, October 20th, 6:00pm to 9:00pm – Mayor Jim Watson will officially kick-off the 18th annual Exhibit. Come meet the artists and enjoy some refreshments.

  • Friday, October 21st, 12:00pm to 5:00 pm
  • 1:00pm – Patrick Imai – Stone Carving presentation and hands-on experience
  • 2:00pm – Line Labrecque – Polymer Clay – exploring this exciting new medium
  • 3:00 pm – Garry Bowes – Wood Turning Presentation
  • Saturday, October 22nd, 12:00pm to 5:00pm
  • 1:00pm – France Grice – Glass is Amazing!
  • 2:00pm – Stephane Tremblay – The Art of Letter Carving in Stone
  • 3:00pm – Alenka Pacquet – Working with Clay – a hands-on-experience
  • SUNDAY, OCTOBER 23rd, 11:00am to 4:00pm
  • David will be talking about the process of doing bronze monuments from concept to casting and the importance of art in society. David is the owner   and operator of Summit Studios. Based  out of the National Capital Region Summit Studios has displays, sculptures and installations in Museums and public areas across the nation and around the world. In Ottawa, you can see David’s bronze work on Confederation Blvd. and the Gargoyles on Parliament Hill. You will have the rare opportunity to see the oil clay carved maquette of his life size bronze, Merchant Marines Monument and the original carve of Animals in War Monument. Don miss this unique opportunity.



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More to look forward to at DIMENSIONS

DIMENSIONS 2016 is without a doubt one of the city’s biggest and boldest art events. What makes this event even more unique is that it is strictly about sculpture. With over 120 sculptures in a wide variety of mediums and in sizes that range all the way up to 30′ in length, DIMENSIONS promises to be a delight to all your artistic senses. From whimsical and silly to deep and introspective, each piece represents a statement, a movement, an observation and ultimately a part of each artist’s psyche. Opening night is a perfect opportunity to meet the artists and learn about their process and their vision.

But it doesn’t stop there. Each day we will have a series of presentations and demonstrations – some are even hands-on experiences for the audience. In our previous post we talked about the events scheduled for Friday. Here’s what to expect on Saturday, October 22nd, drop in for three very special one hour events. It’s FREE ADMISSION!

the-red-bench-360x3601:00 pm – Glass is amazing! Meet Glass Artist France Grice. “I still think about whether it is the process or the result that keeps me captivated. The fusing process I use to make my trees is meticulous and involves cutting, crushing, and assembling fragile pieces of glass. The firing of these assembled pieces is relatively simple, but I love the results and the many possibilities it brings. My other main body of work is created by casting glass. These pieces begin as wax sculptures, often inspired by gestures or emotions, which are then surrounded by a refractory mold material which can withstand high temperatures. Once the mold has hardened, I steam away the wax, and then eventually fill the empty space with molten glass. Cast glass is a long and difficult process which yields amazing but also sometimes heartbreaking results.” France will be showing examples of her process and welcoming questions and inquiries about learning more.

_dkt10582:00 pm – You don’t want to miss this one! Stephane J.D. Tremblay introduces the “Art of Letter Carving” in stone.  Dying art or making a come back?  Technology advances at a scary pace (sand blasting machine, laser etchers, CNC machines and the list goes on.  Time is in everyones mind and now it equals Money more than anything else.  Technology is to be embrace and fear at the same time. “In my opinion, One needs to slow down enough to enjoy life.”  Letter cutters share some and possess (base on my living and work experience as a sniper) a lot of skills and traits that one would find in a Military Sniper unit.  Precision, steadiness, patience,and…. are only a few examples.  Letter Carving in Stone is an Art on its own.  One needs a lifetime to Master it.  The cutting techniques are one aspect, Calligraphy 004another, and on and on….

3:00 pm  – Pottery and Ceramic Sculptor, Alenka Paquet gives the audience an opportunity to experience building some simple forms from white clay. You’ll learn about rolling a slab, impressing decorations and forming  the object. This presentation is a must for anyone interested in pottery or ceramic.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars. DIMENSIONS 2016, opens Thursday evening, October 20th. Show hours, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 21-23, noon to 5pm.  See you at Lansdowne Park in the Horticulture Building. FREE ADMISSION!



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Presentations and Demonstrations

DIMENSIONS is not just an art exhibit – it’s a place to meet artists, learn about their medium and techniques, watch a demonstration and even enjoy a hands on experience. Best of all – it’s FREE!!

Drop by the Horticulture Building at Lansdowne Park on Friday, October 21st and sit in on one of these three fabulous presentations:

imai_lifes-a-beach1:00pm                                                                    Meet Patrick Imai from Carved Stone Bears.      Patrick will be demonstrating his skills and techniques for shaping soft stone (soapstone, serpentine, alabaster).  He will show how he uses hand tools, sandpaper and wet polishing paper to produce shiny sculpted bears. This will be an interactive demonstration where you will have an opportunity to experience stone carving and take home your own little stone sculpture.

spirit-bowl-monarch-print2:00 pm                                                                           Meet Line Labrecque, polymer clay and mixed media artist.                                                                  Polymer Clay is a relatively new medium, and is no longer exclusively a child’s toy. There are literally hundreds of ways to use polymer clay in your creations. Line Labrecque will demonstrate a few techniques using polymer clay showing its versatility . Come witness how polymer clay borrows techniques like mokume gane and millefiori caning to create the most amazing surface treatments.

screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-3-08-38-pm3:00 pm                                                                                                   Garry Bowes, Turned Wood.  Garry’s turned wood sculpture has been collected throughout the world and many of his pieces have been gifted by the Canadian Government to Heads-of-States including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, American President George W. Bush and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany. Garry will be narrating a slide show presentation on wood turning techniques, talking about tools, woods and the history of his journey with WoodSong Studio.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Saturday’s list of artist presentations. See you at DIMENSIONS 2016!

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7 Day Countdown to DIMENSIONS

%22the-reader%22The amazing artists who are part of The National Capital Network of Sculptors are getting excited to show you what they’ve been working on this past year. Ottawa’s biggest sculpture exhibit kicks off a week from now at Lansdowne Park in the Horticulture Building. Over 120 sculptures – in every imaginable medium, in every size. Whether you are an art collector or art lover, a gallery or fellow artist, this is an art show you don’t want to miss.

In addition to the exhibit there will be art talks, presentations and ice-ninedemonstrations going on throughout the weekend. Starting tomorrow we will highlight our speakers every day leading up to DIMENSIONS, so check our page daily. Our Gift Boutique is also open throughout the show. This is an opportunity to check a few people off your Christmas gift list with original artwork priced under $100. This is a feel good, do good opportunity since a portion of the proceeds go to help the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa.screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-3-01-54-pm

One more thing . . . Pianos in the Park will be at DIMENSIONS with the Gord Downie Piano, take a photo or play a tune – this is the first in a series of travelling pianos.

Opening night is Thursday, October 20 from 6 to 9pm. Show hours for Friday and Saturday are 12:00pm to 5:00 pm and Sunday from 11:00am to 4:00 pm.


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Ottawa’s Biggest Sculpture Exhibit


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The National Capital Network of Sculptors is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sculpture in Ottawa. Through our exhibitions and other activities we raise public awareness of sculptors, their techniques and the themes of their work. Our 18th annual Sculpture Exhibit, DIMENSIONS is two weeks away and we are excited to be showing over 120 sculptures by local artists in a huge variety of mediums and styles.

Besides strolling around the collection of sculptural works and meeting the artists, you are invited to attend one of several demonstrations and presentations. At 1:00 pm on Sunday, October 23rd, we are honoured to have guest artist and speaker, David Clendining talking about the process of doing bronze monuments from concept to casting and the importance of art in society. David is the owner and operator of Summit Studios. Based out of the National Capital Region (Ottawa/Gatineau, Canada), Summit Studios has displays, sculptures and installations in Museums and Public areas across the nation and around the world. In Ottawa, you can see David’s  bronze work on Conferderation Blvd. and the Gargoyles on Parliament Hill.

You will have the rare opportunity to see the oil clay carved marquette of his life size bronze, Merchant Marines Monument and the original carve of Animals in War Monument. Don’t miss this unique opportunity, Sunday, October 23rd at 1:00 pm.

See you at DIMENSIONS!

Thursday, October 20, 6 to 9pm – Friday, October 21, 12-5 pm                                  Saturday, October 22, 12-5pm and Sunday, October 23rd from 11am to 4 pmimag1043

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Ten Reasons to Buy Local Art

  1. Invest in Your Community

Buying art locally contributes to the creative fabric of your community. It builds character and creates an atmosphere that makes people want to stay and put down roots.

  1. Create Jobs & Support the Economy

AngelaBy purchasing art locally you not only are supporting the character of your community, but the job market and economy as well. Artists are small businesses and by purchasing locally, you support those businesses and their employees, assistants, printers, and framers to name a few. Also, by purchasing work from local artists the money stays in the community, growing the local economy.

  1. It’s Original

Each piece you purchase from a local artist has a handmade, unique feel to it. You can take pride in a piece of art that is one-of-a-kind and join in that feeling of exclusivity that you can’t purchase at a retail store.

  1. Meet the Artist

Dimensions 2015_19Buying local gives you an opportunity to meet the artist who created the piece you love. This unique experience gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the artist’s creative process and allows for you to build relationships. This leads to better service and maybe even the chance to commission a custom piece specifically for you!

  1. It’s Affordable

Buying pieces from local artists is an investment. The original pieces you purchase from artists in your community will only grow in value over time, plus since you will know your artist, negotiating prices becomes a lot easier! Local artists want to promote their work and gain visibility so prices are affordable.

  1. Curate & Collect

IMG_2685Curating your own collection of affordable, original art is one of the greatest ways to express yourself! Each piece reflects your individuality and identity, and gives you a sense of pride in your décor. Collecting pieces by your favorite local artists means continued support for the arts community.

  1. Improve Quality of Life

Purchasing beautiful things enhances the atmosphere in all living spaces, whether it’s in your home, your office, or some other place you frequent. Art brings warmth, humanity, character, and inspiration into spaces, which improves overall quality of life.

  1. Communication

Original pieces of art serve as great conversation starters! Art can spark a discussion about inspiration, expression, experiences, trips you’ve been on, and more importantly, art can communicate when words fail.

  1. Enhance Your Well-Being

Not only can purchasing local art enhance your overall quality of life, but it can also enhance your well-being. Being surrounded by things you love gives you a sense of comfort, pleasure, and overall enjoyment. Artists can create a mood or feeling with every piece of art, promoting positive mental health.

  1. Shopping Locally is Fun!

Some of the greatest purchases are found when you least expect them! There is always something new and unexpected around the corner! The National Capital Network of Sculptors is preparing for their 18th Annual Sculpture Exhibit, DIMENSIONS. This will be the biggest exhibit of sculpture – ever in one place – here in Ottawa!  Over 120 sculptures in every imaginable medium will be presented, and the styles and messages will range from traditional to off the wall contemporary! In addition to the main exhibit area, DIMENSIONS will also have a gift shop area where you can get a head start on your Christmas shopping. Part of the proceeds go to support the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa. Visit DIMENSIONS, at the Horticulture Building at Lansdowne Park from Thursday, October 20th to Sunday, October 23rd. 

You are invited to meet the artists at our opening reception on Thursday, October 20th from 6 to 9pm.

Excerpts taken from http://mosaicartsinc.org/blog/10-reasons-to-buy-local-art-2/



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Where to Put Sculpture in Your Home

Sculptures are one of the best type of art to purchase in order to add a neat design element to your home. They are three-dimensional and therefore difficult to ignore. However, their size can sometimes make it difficult for people to know exactly where to place them so that they are on display in the home without taking over the space.

dttr205_4fa-jpg-rend-hgtvcom-1280-960One really terrific way to showcase sculptures without worrying that they’re taking up too much room in your home is to set them inside niches in the wall. You can even add lighting within the niche to truly show off the piece that you’ve placed there.imgres

There are some great videos available on how to do this project and we will be showing some of these “Do It Yourself” projects at DIMENSIONS 2016 – our 18th Annual Sculpture Exhibit. Visit us on Saturday, October 22nd in the Horticulture Bldg. at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa – over 120 sculptures will be part of the exhibit. Presentations and demonstrations will be going on throughout the afternoon. FREE ADMISSION 

Excerpts from Houzz “Where to Put a Sculpture in Your Home” 2009

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Ephemeral Sculpture

There are many forms of ephemeral art, from sculpture to performance, but the term is usually used to describe a work of art that only occurs once, like a happening, and cannot 12717362_716317691838101_1590835359251241524_nbe embodied in any lasting object to be shown in a museum or gallery. The definition: lasting a very short time, short-lived, transitory. A number of art forms can be considered ephemeral because of their temporary nature. Early land art and all sand sculptures, ice sculptures and chalk drawings on footpaths are examples of ephemeral art.12190814_677526872383850_5771231542583267691_n

One of the newest members of the National Capital Network of Sculptors (NCNS) is an ephemeral sculptor. James W Cook is an award winning snow sculptor and pumpkin carver. We are excited to announce that James will be demonstrating his pumpkin carving techniques at DIMENSIONS 2016. The pumpkins will be sold with the proceeds going to the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa. James will be carving throughout the exhibit which runs from Thursday, October 20 to Sunday, October 23 at Lansdowne Park in the Horticulture Bldg.


In addition to the incredible pumpkins, you will be able walk through the largest exhibit of sculptural works in one location. Over 120 sculptures will be available in a variety of mediums from stone and bronze to glass and wood and everything in-between. That’s not all, a separate gift shop area is being introduced this year with a collection of original sculptures by member artists that range in price from $20 to $100.

Admission is free and the Horticulture Bldg. is wheelchair accessible. Hope to see you there!

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An Artist’s Perspective


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