DIMENSIONS 2017 – The Blacksmith Sculptors

Metal art or the trade of blacksmithing as a high quality, creative and affordable art form has beprocsimple-11en growing and establishing itself in our modern society.  We’re pleased to announce the addition of two new members who have devoted themselves to this exciting medium. Their work will be haprocsimplerd to miss, but look for the amazing metal sculptures of Chris Banfalvi and Tick Tock Tom at DIMENSIONS 2017.

Chris Banfalvi creates a world full of elegant steel-based life forms and Tick Tock Tom creates scrap metal sculptures from broken machines and discarded technology.

Make it a date night and bring your spouse or significant other to our opening reception on Thursday, October 19th from 6:00 to 9:00 pm. Meet the artists and discover the amazing world of sculpture.

DIMENSIONS 2017, October 19-22, Horticulture Bldg., Lansdowne Park

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You’ve heard of mixed media and you’ve heard of multimedia art. What’s the difference?

In visual artmixed media is an artwork in which more than one medium has been employed.  Multimedia art, on the other hand combines visual art with non-visual elements, such as recorded sound, literature, drama, dance, motion graphics, music, or interactivity.

At DIMENSIONS 2017 you will come across the “mixed media” of four incredible artists who each work with different mediums and in very different styles.

procsimple-15Christine Mockett incorporates fibres into her work creating both figurative and structural sculptures.procsimple-9

Beth McCubbin’s figures use a combination of concrete, steel and other mediums to capture human movement and emotion.

Edna Lemyre looks for a structural connection between nature and the human form creating procsimple-16balance with colour and humour.

Many of you are familiar with Gordon Wright’s stone sculptures, procsimple-14but this year he adds two mixed media pieces that have a jazzy musical element, combining wood, metal and found objects.

So much to see and do and learn at DIMENSIONS 2017.

Join Us !!

October 19-22nd, Horticulture Building, Lansdowne Park

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A Big Thank You to our Sponsors

imagesWe want to take a moment during this Thanksgiving weekend to thank our sponsors. These are the businesses who support and encourage the arts and individual artists in our community through their patronage.

DIMENSIONS and The National Capital Network of Sculptors depends on the support provided by our sponsors. fullsizeoutput_346aThis year we want to thank our new sponsor, Moosehead Breweries for supplying the beer and glassware for our vernissage.

fullsizeoutput_346dThank you also to Judy Faulkner and Faulkner Real Estate for your continued support of our organization.

Last but not least, a big thank you to our long standing sponsor, Estate and Financial planners, The Millar Corporation.fullsizeoutput_3532

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DIMENSIONS 2017 – The Great Pumpkin Challenge

If you attended DIMENSIONS last year, you’ll remember meeting James Cook who was carving pumpkins in the main entrance. This year James has challenged himself to carve 150 pumpkins! James is an ephemeral artist. There are many forms of ephemeral art, from sculpture to performance, but the term is usually used to describe a work of art that is not a lasting object and is usually not shown in a museum or gallery. His work includes sculpting in snow, sand and ice.  And now . . . pumpkins!

procsimple-19As a multimedia artist, he explores anything that can turn a shapeless object into a shape. Even words. Drop by DIMENSIONS 2017 on Friday, October 20th at 2:30 for a reading of his poem “Rude Awakening”, the inspiration behind one of his pumpkin carvings. He will also be sharing some tips and tricks to carve your own ephemeral art and how to extend the life of your pumpkin carving. Perfect timing for Halloween.

DIMENSIONS 2017, October 19-22, Horticulture Bldg., Lansdowne Park


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DIMENSIONS 2017 – The Ceramic Artists

Ceramics or pottery refers to a process of forming, firing or baking and glazing or decorating a mixture of clay and other materials, then re-firing it to harden the glaze. The three ceramics are earthenware, stoneware and porcelain. All three are represented at DIMENSIONS 2017.

Though ceramic sculptures originated in ancient times, artists are still drawn to the medium for its delicate and versatile qualities. Our talented artists work in a variety of styles, using handcraft traditions to put a contemporary spin on their creations.  We encourage you to come meet our ceramic artists and to view their fantastic selection of sculptures for sale at DIMENSIONS 2017.

Here’s a little peak at the ceramic work available at DIMENSIONS 2017, October 19-22nd in the Horticulture Building at Lansdowne Park. See you there!

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DIMENSIONS 2017 – The Wood Sculptors

It’s believed that the first wood carver was Adam. That’s how long wood carving has been practised. Over the centuries wood carving has undergone many changes but has never died. Coaxing a figure out of a root or branch, carving a detailed image, sanding, smoothing, varnishing – these tactile senses come alive under the talented hands of a wood sculptor.


You’ll find some elements of wood in many of the sculptures at DIMENSIONS 2017, but look for the two artists who make wood their primary passion, Anna Zaccardelli and award winning wood sculptor Jim Lawrence.

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DIMENSIONS 2017 – The Bronze Artists


When you visit DIMENSIONS in a couple of weeks, make sure you check out the bronzes. This is highly skilled work and we are pleased to have several bronze works on display this year. The process from original clay sculpture to finished bronze can take several months of painstaking work, but the end result is truly beautiful.


Make sure to look for Dominique Dennery and her mesmerizing sculpture Medusa Bleue.  Walk through the aisles and soon you’ll come across eight magnificent bronzes by WorldView Studio Artists, Janet MacKay and Mitchell Webster. Their inspirational bronzes are full of movement, yet they lull you into a world of Two Alone 2serenity.


October 19-22

Lansdowne Park, Horticulture Building

Celebrating Canada with over 150 sculptures!


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DIMENSIONS 2017 – The Stone Sculptors

Several sculptural mediums will be represented at DIMENSIONS 2017 and one of the most classic is stone. Carving stone is probably one of the oldest art forms. From very small ornamental stone sculptures to the large historical, religious or mystical pieces. There are no real limitations to which type of stones can be carved. Some of the more popular stones include Soapstone, which is soft and available in many different colours and textures. Alabaster is slightly harder but is still relatively easy to sculpt and comes in a beautiful variety of colours and internal grains. Limestone is a sedimentary stone, difficult to polish but artists can incorporate very intricate details. Marble is more difficult to manage but has a fantastic finished look and was favoured by many of the masters.

At DIMENSIONS 2017 we will be showcasing the work of almost a dozen stone sculptors, but their work is not limited to the stone mentioned above. Look for the beautiful iridescent qualities of Selenite and the subtle variations of Italian, Brazilian and Kenyan Marble. Each artist uses different techniques and they definitely approach the stone in different ways, either pulling an image or an emotion from the hard surface.

Here’s a little sneak peak at just a handful of some of the stone work that will be showcased at DIMENSIONS 2017. October 19-22 at Lansdowne Park, in the Horticulture Building.

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Less than 3 weeks away . . .

procsimple-5We’re celebrating Canada with over 150 sculptures. From exotic stone and marble sculptures, to metal and glass, wood, bronze, polymer and mixed media, we are proud to display the incredible works of art of over 40 of the National Capital Network of Sculptors. Stay tuned – over the next couple of weeks we will be giving you little previews of what you can expect to see.

Get a jump on your holiday shopping and support the Boys and Girls Club in our unique gift shop where you’ll find original works of art for $100 or less.

IMG_3153Discover your creative side in one of our Free mini workshops on Saturday and Sunday, October 21-22. You can make your own soapstone pendant necklace or rose caned earrings. Space is limited so make sure your arrive early!

Watch Ephemeral artist, James Cook carve pumpkins and learn some tips and tricks on how to carve and extend the life of your masterpiece.

Sit in on a storytelling segment by Figurative Artist, Maria Saracino. The History of Father Christmas and a look at some of her exclusive one-of-a-kind sculptures.

fullsizeoutput_3430.jpegEnter our draw to win an original sculpture, Celestial Woman No.5, by mixed media artist Edna Lemyre.

Join us on opening night and meet the artists. Glass artist France Grice will be talking about the process and inspiration of The Sesquicentennial Forest, the elaborate glass and wood sculpture that’s featured on our posters.



Horticulture Building, Lansdowne Park


Thursday, October 19th, Vernissage 6:00 pm to 9:00pm

Friday, October 20th, 12:00 to 5:00 pm

Saturday, October 21st, 12:00 to 5:00 pm

Sunday, October 22nd, 11:00am to 4:00pm




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The 2017 Chelsea / Wakefield Studio Tour 30 Sept – 1 Oct 2017

On the weekend of 30 Sept – 1 Oct, 24 artists and artisans, among them NCNS member Theo Burtick,  will open their studios to visitors at the most colourful time in the Gatineau Hills only minutes from Ottawa / Gatineau.

Interactive Tour Map

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