Where to Put Sculpture in Your Home

Sculptures are one of the best type of art to purchase in order to add a neat design element to your home. They are three-dimensional and therefore difficult to ignore. However, their size can sometimes make it difficult for people to know exactly where to place them so that they are on display in the home without taking over the space.

dttr205_4fa-jpg-rend-hgtvcom-1280-960One really terrific way to showcase sculptures without worrying that they’re taking up too much room in your home is to set them inside niches in the wall. You can even add lighting within the niche to truly show off the piece that you’ve placed there.imgres

There are some great videos available on how to do this project and we will be showing some of these “Do It Yourself” projects at DIMENSIONS 2016 – our 18th Annual Sculpture Exhibit. Visit us on Saturday, October 22nd in the Horticulture Bldg. at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa – over 120 sculptures will be part of the exhibit. Presentations and demonstrations will be going on throughout the afternoon. FREE ADMISSION 

Excerpts from Houzz “Where to Put a Sculpture in Your Home” 2009

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