Artists Speak – Dealing with Isolation

France Grice – Glass Artist

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 10.28.34 AMLots of time on my hands at the moment. Early March I started some new projects in the studio. The main idea was to use the glass cutting I have to create new works. I was making some progress but nothing conclusive yet when I sliced my finger… not with a piece of glass but with a vegetable mandoline. Well sculpture is off for a moment. The finger is healing nicely.

On March 13, I bought a new phone and after doing some research for the camera chose to get a Google Pixel 4.  For me technology is always a bit of a challenge but I am learning a bit every day. I will use the healing time to do the things I always procrastinate with… like paper work. So far, I took some pictures of my work using the set up done by my son.  Learned how to create an album and insert the information for each image. This is a photo of my work using the Pixel 4.

There is a call to glass artists so I am preparing the needed documents, photos needed.

Today I will learn how to include a picture in a word document (this one). I ask the question on my ipad and it says open the picture on google photo, click copy, go to your document, paste. OK I think I knew that but there is so much stuff to learn.

Back to the studio soon and with some new work to post.

You can see more of France’s work on her website at or in our Online Gallery at 

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