Artists Speak – Dealing with Isolation

Patrick Imai – Stone Sculptor

“Covid-19 has meant the cancellation of all my artistic engagements: shows, workshops, mentoring, and association meetings, for the next few months.  This means I can focus on stone carving.  So, things haven’t changed too much. 

E9B621D2-5F41-46A8-86DE-AFE9440F3D32As the self-isolation started, I undertook carving a piece of hard stone (8” x 8” x 14”, 91 lbs Brazilian Dura soapstone).  I started cutting the stone with a hand saw then took to using my rotary shaft tool (Foredom) until I burned it out.  I used hammer and chisel and rasps and files to shape the stone.  Dura soapstone is a mix of hard and soft stone, so fine sanding results in a bumpy surface so I stopped sanding at wet 220.  I finished with tung oil to highlight the bear.

I do miss the conversations of the weekly open studio carving at Barber Carving & Sculpture and the opportunity to meet and talk with people at other events. 

Stay healthy and keep creating.”

You can see more of Patrick’s work at

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1 Response to Artists Speak – Dealing with Isolation

  1. Dominique Couture says:

    Thank you for sharing Patrick, love your bears!

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