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James W. Cook  – Multimedia Artist

“The COVID-19 pandemic has seen the cancellation of one of my most important ice-carving gigs as well as left my upcoming summer sand-sculpting season in a state of uncertainty. Some jurisdictions plan to remain closed to outsiders through the summer and others are expecting a summer without tourists. The pandemic has also seen the closure of all the art schools and AllNaturalstudios I model for as a Life-Drawing model.

Meanwhile I have taken a break from social media during this time of “being on pause”. I have modified my own lifestyle accordingly by staying confined to my home and immediate neighbourhood, by not taking public transit, and ordering my specialty supplies online instead of physically visiting my usual suppliers.

My operations as a roaming artist have shifted more to working from my home and setting up a pop-up studio outside in the yard in fair weather conditions. Projects this year include hand-crafting fishing rods with the hopes of adding the same to my repertoire in the Visual Arts.

With the warming days of spring and the greening there has been the harvest of edible wild plants and mushrooms.”

You can see more of James’ work at

You will also find James taking part in the Canadian Stone Carving Festival, July 17, 18, 19 and their virtual auction raising money for local charities.

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