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The National Capital Network of Sculptors is offering some insight into sculpture appreciation in this new blog post called Sculpture Lovers. Have you been out to a gallery and loved a sculpture, but wondered how you could place it into your home to its best advantage?  The next few weeks we will be showing you some of the ways that other art lovers present their work.  Don’t forget to mark your calendars and come browse the fine collection of over 100 works at our 18th annual Sculpture Exhibit, DIMENSIONS. It’s taking place at Lansdowne Park’s Horticultural Building, October 20th to 23rd. 

Mary Ceruti of the SculptureCenter  offers her perspective into this world in today’s bog post, an excerpt of an interview by Andrew Goldstein.

What should one take into consideration when regarding a piece of sculpture?
You should walk around it, of course, and see it in a 360-degree context. Then you should think about how it relates to the ground and the space around it—that’s always an issue for a sculptor. The other thing that I think is great about sculpture and that I think is important when you’re collecting sculpture on a smaller scale—things that can fit on a table, or a shelf—is the fact that you can pick it up and hold it, and it has weight. It’s an Screen shot 2016-09-05 at 3.38.52 PMamazing thing. For instance, Ugo Rondinone‘s cast-bronze apple is painted very realistically, so that when you apprehend it you absolutely mistake it for an apple. But it’s cast in bronze and it’s filled with lead—it weighs so much more than you would expect, so it’s a very strange experience when you pick it up. This kind of haptic experience is something that only sculpture offers you, and only the collector gets to experience the piece in that way.

What are some of the ways that people live with sculpture? How do they incorporate Screen shot 2016-09-05 at 3.47.53 PMsculpture into their homes, and into their lives?
It’s as simple as putting a sculpture on your side table, or a piece in a fireplace, so that almost everywhere you look there is something unusual. Like putting a sculpture in the entrance hall so that when people come in they encounter it. I’ve seen the whole gamut, and it’s only limited by the collector’s ambition and imagination.

Would you recommend that people buy sculpture when they are considering building a collection?
Absolutely. The only reason someone who is really interested in contemporary art wouldn’t collect sculpture is because they have some prejudice about how much space they have, which I think they could get over. Since the field of sculpture has expanded to engage almost all the other media, it’s so much a part of the contemporary art discourse that to ignore it is to ignore a vast part of what contemporary art is about. You can’t really avoid it.

In a funny way, that puts a positive spin on Barnett Newman’s famous quote that “sculpture is what you bump into when you back up to see a painting.”

It’s true—it’s unavoidable! And that’s not a bad thing.

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NCNS Members at 3rd Annual TRACES Visual Arts Symposium

Angela Verlaeckt Clark and Elisa Funnell, members of the NCNS, are among  37 painters, sculptors and land-artists participating at 3rd Annual TRACES Visual Arts Symposium. Angela was awarded the Juror’s Choice Award for Sculpture 2015 and Elisa was chosen as one of 5 emerging artists in the region, 2016.

The Address for the indoor exhibition is: 1177, Route 315, 1177, Route 315, L’Ange-Gardien QC,(Outaouais) J8L 0L4
The Address for the outdoor exhibition is : CHAMPBOISÉ, 1521 route 309 ( exit 174 Hwy 50), L’Ange-Gardien QC,(Outaouais), J8L 4C2

A Vernissage will be held at City Hall in the Municipality of L’Ange-Gardien, (1177, Route 315, L’Ange-Gardien QC, J8L 0L4) at  Friday, September 9th from 18:30h-21h.
The Exhibition continues, throughout the weekend.


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1st Thursday of the month – Art Walk at Galerie Côté Créations

Thursdays night,  starting September 1,  from 6-9 pm at Galerie Côté Créations . Most of the artists will be on hand to talk to about their work/inspiration. … NCNS member Géraldine Petit-Gras is an artist, and curator of Galerie Côté Créations.


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NCNS Member Shaukat Chaney with “Colour fields and hard edges” at EBA Studio

NCNS member, Shaukat Chaney, the sculptor and the painter will display his latest work at the exhibit, ‘Colour fields and hard edges”.
The event starts on 9th of September, 2016 and continues on September 10 and 11, 2016. At Enriched Bread Artists Studio, 951 Gladstone Ave., Ottawa.
Exhibit in support of St. Joe’s Women’s Center, Ottawa, Ontario.


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Team Work Pays – 50 New Plinths !!!

Pat, Eiko, France, Rosemary, Mark (Rosemary’s son), Edna, Hengameh, Jim, Sandra, Cairn, James and Komi, Great Job !!!

National Capital Network of Sculptors Plinth Building Team at the last day with the 50 new plinths

National Capital Network of Sculptors Plinth Building Team at the last day with the 50 new plinths

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The Saga Continues …Plinth Building Day 2 and 3

Update from Plinth Building Day 2:
Eiko, Sandra and Hengameh joined the fun today.  We now have 40 new plinths.  We will continue building tomorrow morning at 09:30 am and plan to start painting once the dust settles from the saw and sander.
Update from Plinth Building Day 3:
Pat, France, Jim, Sandra, and Eiko started the day making, patching, sanding plinths.  Lunch at Pizza Hut in the air conditioning was a welcome break.  Hengameh brought the frozen drinks to start the afternoon and Komi arrived and did some sanding.
50 plinths are built.  Still some more sanding and painting before we are done.  Starting again tomorrow at 9:30.  Depending on the heat we may finish earlier than 3 pm.  We hope to have all the plinths with a primer coat of paint before we wrap up tomorrow”.
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Are you ready for the Plinth Building ? – Plinth Building Day 1‏

A Letter from the President of National Capital Network of Sculptors, Patrick Imai:

France (Grice),Rosemary (Breault-Landry), Jim (Lawrence),Cairn (Cunnane), James (Cook) and I (Patrick Imai) picked up the cut lumber from Home Depot and built 13 plinths today.  What a great start, we only have 37 to go.
We will continue building and start painting the plinths from 9:30 am on Tuesday in my garage.  We will finish at 3 pm.  Lunch (hamburgers and hot dogs) will be provided.”

Question: Where are Pat and Cairn?     Volunteers?????      In pictures:

Step 1: Cairn van loaded at Home Depot

Step 1: Cairn van loaded at Home Depot

Step 2: France Jim sorting

Step 2: France Jim sorting

Step 3: Jim and Rosemary building plinths

Step 3: Jim and Rosemary building plinths

Step 4: Jim and Rosemary building plinths - part 2

Step 4: Jim and Rosemary building plinths – part 2

Step 5: James sanding

Step 5: James sanding

Step 6: 1st plinth

Step 6: 1st plinth


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What are you doing this summer?‏ – Shaukat Chaney

I am preparing for a solo show of my paintings on September 9, 10 & 11. The show is at the Enriched Bread Artist – EBA on Gladstone.

pivotalwfront pivotalchador

All welcome.
Shaukat Chaney

Shaukat Chaney was first introduced to oil painting in 1974 while enrolled at the University of Minnesota Graduate School of Dentistry. Painting was included in the program to create a better understanding of colours used in dentistry. Shaukat Chaney’s interest in sculpture began in 1975 while creating craniofacial prostheses for trauma and cancer patients at the College of Dentistry, University of Saskatchewan. Here the training in visualizing and understanding colour was found to be extremely useful.   Read more….

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What are you doing this summer?‏ – Patrick Imai

July 22 – 24 I will be in Perth to participate in the Canadian Stone Carving Festival. As a stone carver this is a great event.  We start with 7.5” x 7.5” x15” blocks of Indiana limestone on Friday at noon.  We carve the rest of Friday, all day Saturday and Sunday morning.  On Sunday afternoon all the art pieces are auctioned off, with the money raised going to Habitat for Humanity.

Guardian of the Garden.1

Attached is a photo of the bear I carved last year.

Born in Toronto, Patrick by the age of 10 was already an avid carver searching for the right subject and medium.  He carved wood until he tried soapstone carving in the late 90’s.  He was immediately hooked by the ease of working the soft stone and the beauty of the colour and finish of the polished stone.  He has since worked in other stone such as: alabaster, chlorite, selenite, limestone and marble.  The majority of Patrick’s carvings are bears.  Read More …

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What are you doing this summer?‏ – Géraldine Petit-Gras

I’m re-opening a Pop-up Gallery on 98 Richmond Road called Galerie Côté Créations. I’m the Curator/Manager.

Some of our talented artists are also members of the NCNS (Hanna MacNaughtan, Sandra Marshall and soon myself, Géraldine Petit-Gras). Open daily 11 to 6 pm, except Mondays.

Hope to see you this summer.


Born in France, Géraldine Petit-Gras grew up watching explorer and conservationist Jacques-Yves Cousteau. As he unraveled the mysteries of the sea, he also drew attention to the interconnection of species and the necessity to protect the fragile balance that regulates every natural ecosystems. She spent most of her summers gathering shells on the beaches of La Rochelle and Biarritz, and sailing along the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea and witnessed first-hand the deterioration of these natural habitats.  Read more…

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