Beauce Art, International de la Sculpture

Congratulations to NCNS member, Béla Simó, who was choosen to represent Canada at the symposium, Beauce Art The International of Sculpture that will be held in Saint-Georges, Québec, from May 24th to June 14th 2020. He is one of ten artists who will create on the subject « Radiancy in open air ». The ten new sculptures will be added to the city open-air museum. The other artists include Rachid Bakhouz (Morocco), Amin Balaghi and Mehdi Ashoori (Iran), Bansimba Kylous (Congo), Shuengit Chow (France), Furkan Depeli (Turkey), Luka Radojevic (Montenegro), Zhao Li (China) and Michelle Giguère (Canada), Who appears in the photo with Béla Simó, next to Béla’s mock-up. This year, the sculptures created will be installed inside a circle on a post beside the river, the bicycle path and the road.

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