Artists Speak – Dealing with Isolation

Joie--Janet K. MacKay – Sculptor/Painter

“In some ways, I feel very fortunate to be an artist during this time of isolation. My art gives purpose and structure to my day. I love the hours of solitude as I work in the studio and now there is a further sense of calmness as deadlines disappear. The downside, is not being able to show my work to clients and customers face to face – nothing is more satisfying than experiencing that moment with another when your art makes a connection – it feels like a connection at the Faith 2soul level.  This time of isolation has thrown artists into the digital era – the internet is now our primary platform for connecting our art with others. Although grateful for the internet, this time of isolation instills in me how much I treasure the human connection my art provides.”

To see more of Janet’s work:

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1 Response to Artists Speak – Dealing with Isolation

  1. Dominique Couture says:

    Thank you! Enjoyed all the details in your bronzes !

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